Thursday, July 24, 2008

B71 #72: Lunch on August 5 & 26

For pre-Olympic lunch, it is fixed on August 5, 2008 at Marriott Hotel (Man Ho Restaurant) in Admiralty.

Participants of Pre-Olympic lunch:
* Edward Sin
* Leung Wing Kwong
* Raymond Choi
* Clara Fung
* Kevin Ko
* David Yam


For post-Olympic lunch, it is fixed on August 26, 2008 at 12:45pm at Shangrila Hotel
(Summer Palace). Table booked by David Yam

Participants of Post-Olympic lunch:
* CY Lam
* So Man Wan
* Kevin Ko
* David Yam
* Edward Sin
* Leung Wing Kwong

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

B71 #70: BSc Re-union participation list

If you have questions, please contact the following representatives of the Organizing Committee:
Lam Chiu Ying (Tel: 9109-1202)
So Man Wan (Tel: 9307-4063)
Edward Sin (Tel: 9379-3240)
Grace Ho

V = HKU Visit on Nov.7
D = Re-union Dinner on Nov.7
T = Trip to Thailand Nov. 8-11
S = Supplementary Dinner in December 2008
H = Volunteering to help in organizing activities

Classmate list

Cheung Foon Hung(V, D)
Choi Ho Pang, Raymond (V, D, T-2, H)
Chow Philip (V-6:00pm, D)
Fung Clara (V, D)
Ho Grace (V, D, T, H)

Ko Chi Chiu (V, D)
Lam Chiu Ying (V, D, T, H)
So Man Wan (V, D, T, H)
Lam Robert (V-6:00pm, D)
Leung Sze Chung (D)

Leung Wing Hong, Henry (V, D, T-2, H)
Leung Wing Kwong (D)
Lo Mun Ling (V, D)
Sin Edward (V, D, H)
So Ting Kwong (V, D)

Tse Tsun Him (D)
Wong Gilbert (V, D)
Wu Anthony (V-6:00pm, D, T)
Wu Dick Kin (V, D)
Wu Kam Chu (V, D)

Yam David (V-2, D-2, T-2)
Yau David (D2, H)

Monday, July 21, 2008

B71 #69: Those were the days ... (Reposting B68 #30)

Edward Sin asked me to repost an previous message from the other blog, so here it is:

In honour of the upcoming Chinese New Year, may I wish you Good Health and Prosperity!

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es said...

Wonderful contributions!
Happy New Year!
David M. Yau

edsin said...

Ymyeung's collection only covers the Physics group, so we can expect some contributions from the Biology group.