Thursday, November 27, 2008

B71 #81: Terence Tao

Message from David Yau:

Again,余等同窗子裔又添榮顯,眾 Uncles & Aunties 與有榮焉,除對梁同學蕙蘭衷心道賀,懇請冼同學永生把此佳訊上 Blog,以公告天下!

美國最聰明青年科學家 華裔陶哲軒位居榜首


美國《探索》(Discover)雜誌選出二十名四十歲以下美國最聰明的科學家(20 Best Brains Under 40),其中排首位的數學家和排第十位的電子生物工程師都是華裔科學精英。

排首位的 33 歲華裔數學家陶哲軒(Terence Tao)智商高達 220,在澳洲出生,他 8 歲參加美國高考學術評估測驗(SAT)數學科獲得 760 分的高分,只差 40 分就滿分(在美國,十七八歲的學生中只有 1% 能夠達到 750 分,而 8 歲的孩子裏面還沒有人超過 700 分),24 歲更成為加州大學洛杉磯分校史上最年輕的數學教授,前年獲得「菲爾茨獎」(Fields Medal),這是一項專為四十歲以下傑出科學家頒發的「數學界諾貝爾獎」。會說粵語但是不懂書寫中文的陶哲軒,在有關壓縮感知方面的研究,可以應用在磁力共振、天文以及數碼相機等成像技術上。

最聰明科學家排第十位的是 36 歲的楊長輝(Changhuei Yang),目前任職加州理工學院電子工程與生物工程師。目前主力研究製作廉價耐用、方便攜帶的「超小顯微鏡」,他希望將來可更多應用在發展中國家,方便醫生驗血和檢驗水質。



1. A complimentary quote:

"Terry is like Mozart -- except without Mozart's personality problems," said John Garnett, professor and former chair of mathematics in the UCLA College. "Mathematics just flows out of him." "Mathematicians with Terry's abilities appear only once in a generation," said Garnett. "He's probably the best mathematician in the world right now. Terry can unravel an enormously complicated mathematical problem and reduce it to something very simple. We're amazingly lucky to have him at UCLA."

2. A video spotlight on Terry Tao:


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

B71 #80: Reunion trip to HKU

BSc 71
Reunion Activities on 2008.11.07 - visit to HKU and Reunion Dinner at the Graduate House

Report from Grace Ho:
I have enjoyed a great afternoon visiting various Science Departments in HKU and a good dinner at the Graduate House on November 7, 2008. The visits to the Eliot Hall and the Lily Pond have brought back a lot of sweet memories.

It was wonderful to meet over twenty classmates, some of them I have not met for decades, such as Cheung Foon Hung, as well as Wu Kam Chu who has returned from Canada and Leung Wing Hong from New Zealand for the special occasion.

For those who could not manage to join the reunion activities, I hope the photos allow you to have a taste of the happy atmosphere that we have shared.


Photo 1: The Eliot Hall

Photo 2: Briefing by Prof. A. Cheung

Photo 3: BSc 71 Reunion HKU visit participants

Photo 4: The Telescope

Photo 5: On the way to Eliot hall

Photo 6: Inside Eliot Hall 1

Photo 7: Inside Eliot Hall 2

Photo 8: Outside Eliot Hall

Photo 9: What's left of the Lily Pond

Photo 10: By the Lily Pond

Photo 11 Girls by Dr Sun Yat-sen's Statue

Photo 12 Inside the Greenhouse

Photo 13: Talk in the Geological Museum

Photo 14: Visiting the Geological Museum

Photo 15: Reunion Dinner in Graduate House 1

Photo 16: Reunion Dinner in Graduate House 2

Photo 17: Reunion Dinner in Graduate House 3

Photo 18: Group photo in Graduate House

Names of classmates in Group Photo in Graduate House

From left to right:

Back row: Gilbert Wong, Anthony Wu, Kevin Ko, Leung Sze Chung, Lam Chiu Ying, David Yau, Wu Kam Chu, David Yam, Cheung Foon Hung, Philip Chow, Henry Leung, Raymond Choi, Wu Dick Kin, Leung Wing Kwong, Lam Hung Biu

Front Row: Edward Sin, Tse Tsun Him, Clara Chan, Grace Lee, So Man Wan, Lo Mun Ling, So Ting Kwong.

Monday, November 24, 2008

B71 #79: Reunion trip to Chiangmai

BSc71 Reunion Trip to Chiangmai in Thailand November 8-12, 2008

Report from Grace Ho:

Ten of us, under the leadership of Lam Chiu Ying made a trip to Chiang Mai 8-12/11/2008. We went bird-watching, star-gazing, sightseeing and hiking. We visited the Royal Project Botanical Gardens and sampled food cooked with vegetables grown and chicken or pork from pigs raised by the Royal Project. We visited villages with ethnic people and enjoyed a very interesting elephant show at the Maesa Elephant Camp.

Weather was excellent and the sceneries very beautiful. It was a fantastic trip with excellent company. I would like to thank Chiu Ying and Man Wan for their superb organization and help to make the trip such a great success!


Photo 1: Dinner in Chiangmai

Photo 2: Doi Pui

Photo 3: Doi Pui Summit

Photo 4: Lunch in Village

Photo 5: Royal Project Greenhouse 1

Photo 6: Royal Project Greenhouse 2

Photo 7: Royal Project Garden

Photo 8: Shopping in market

Photo 9: Chiu Ying Having Fun

Photo 10: Raymond getting ready

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

B71 #78: Dinner on December 28, 2008

To celebrate our 40th anniversary since entry to HKU, we have a part 2 dinner scheduled on December 28, 2008.

Lilian Kwan has kindly arranged her secretary to book the City University Shing Hin Restaurant (on the 9th Floor of City Top) for our gathering as well as for Lily Yeung's art exhibit.

Dinner starts at 8 pm. Lilian (9261-5601) will be there to await your arrival from 6:30 pm onwards.

Hope you can join.

Participation (family members are welcome)
* Lily Yeung + son, Edmund Lam
* Grace Leung + husband, Billy Tao
* Judy Chu
* Stephen Lam
* Chan Hing Chung
* Henry Leung
* Lam Chiu Ying
* So Man Wan
* Edward Sin
* Clara Chan
* David Yau
* Cheung Foon Hung
* Leung Wing Kwong
* Robert Lam
* David Yam Yee Kwan
* Lilian Kwan (left before dinner)

Here is a list of photo albums contributed by classmates

David Yau's album:

Stephen Lam's album:

Lily Yeung's album:

Clara Chan's album:

Group Photo:

Standing Row
(from left)
David Yau Man Tak
Chan Hing Chung
David Yam Yee Kwan
Henry Leung Wing Hong
Edward Sin Wing Sang
Robert Lam Hung Piu
Cheung Foon Hung
Leung Wing Kwong

Sitting Row
(from left)
Lam Chiu Ying and So Man Wan
Grace Leung Wai Lan and Billy Tao
Lily Yeung Yuet Ming
Clara Chan Chiou Min
Judy Chu Wah Yuk and Stephen Lam Ka Tat

Saturday, November 08, 2008

B71 #77: Photos of Re-union (from Clara Chan)

You are invited to view a photo from Clara's photo album:
BSc 71 - HKU Tour (相識四十載)

Message from Clara:
I enclose some photos taken at today's tour around HKU. Can you tell the buildings?

I can assure you that there are lots and lots of buildings. There is so much concrete that the place bears little resemblance to the good old campus where we spent some of our best years.

B71 #76: Photos of Re-union on November 7, 2008

Photo taken with the telescope in the Physics Building

Photo of 3-Dimension slide show in the Earth Science Museum