Monday, July 27, 2009

B71 #90: Dinner on August 25, 2009

Back Row:
David YAM, Clara CHAN, LEUNG Wing Kwong, Christopher SO, CHUNG Yip Wah, Anthony WU, MA Siu Lam

Front Row:
Mary LO, Philip CHOW, SO Man Wan, LAM Chiu Ying, YAU Man Tak, Raymond CHOI, Kevin HO, Kevin KO, CHU Fu Yau & Priscilla CHU


from C Y Lam
cc Kevin KO
date Wed, Jul 22, 2009 at 11:54 PM
subject "End of summer vacation" dinner for BSc 1971

Dear classmates,

A number of classmates have suggested to organize a dinner towards the
end of the summer vacation. One of the rationale is to celebrate the
award of Bauhinia Stars to some of our classmates. But I really see it
as a pretext to call a gathering of old friends.

The date: 25 August (starting at 7:00 p.m., to be confirmed later)
The venue: Staff restaurant of 城軒 of City University (courtesy of Lilian)

Because I shall be travelling outside Hong Kong for three weeks in
August, Kevin Ko has kindly agreed to help organize the function.

Anyone interested in joining the dinner please notify Kevin Ko at the email address:

The cost of the dinner will be shared by all, including the Bauhinia
Star awardees.

Chiu Ying

* Chung Yip Wah
* Clara Fung
* Lam Chiu Ying & So Man Wan
* Mary Lo & Peter Ma Siu Lam
* Kevin Ko
* Raymond Choi
* Christopher So
* David Yam
* Chu Fu Yau x 2
* Philip Chow
* Gilbert Wong
* Leung Wing Kwong
* David Yau

Monday, July 06, 2009

B71 #89: 金/銀/銅 紫荊星章

fromBilly Tao
dateTue, Aug 25, 2009 at 6:33 AM
subject BSc: Seven Bauhinia Awardees

Dear classmates,

Here's my congratulation verse to the seven Bauhinia awardees:


Some explanation of terms:

邱: 通丘(漢書); by 鄉邱 I was referring to the peak area in HK, the site of our alma mater.

鍾: goblet. I wouldn't recommend such 開懷痛飲 though, especially if you are driving :-)

吳蓴(或蒓)泛指家鄉美食, 取自張翰蓴羹鱸膾典, please see:

Once again, my heartiest congratulations and may I wish all of you a most memorable dinner tonight (August 25, 2009).



Bauhinia Awardees:
* Chung Yip Wah (BBS 2004)
* Clara Chan (BBS 2005)
* Anthony Wu (BBS 2005)
* Mary Lo (BBS 2007)
* Carrie Yau (SBS 2009)
* Lam Chiu Ying (SBS 2009)
* Kevin Ho (GBS 2009)

GBS = Gold Bauhinia Star
SBS = Silver Bauhinia Star
BBS = Bronze Bauhinia Star