Thursday, September 07, 2006

B71 #4: Fields Medal (message from CY Lam)

Terry Tao, the son of 1st-class-honours classmate Grace Leung and husband Billy Tao, recently won the Fields Medal which is treated by many as the equivalent of the Nobel Prize in mathematics.

Half of Terry's genes came from Grace, according to biological textbooks. So we may proudly consider that there is half a Fields Medal in the class.

See the notes given in the website of the Australian Mathematical Society:


Edward Sin said...

I read with interest the proud story of Terry Tao and our proud U-mate of Grace Leung.

I have some reservation with the Heading, as the parental contribution of half of the gene does not mean that the output would contain half of the genes, especially that cross-over is involved in the meiosis process.

Anyway, we can give an opportunity for Chiu Ying to clarify.

We are organizing a lunch gathering on Sept 28 with the following details:

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??: ???????489????????8?

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??: 2577 3833

Would Chiu Ying please help me to put this notice in a prominent place. Thank you.

Edward Sin

Edward Sin said...


Edward Sin said...