Wednesday, July 18, 2007

B71 #54: Chiu Ying cooking his own meals (reproduced from Post #48)

Chiu Ying writes:

I spent three weeks in Geneva in May attending the once-in-4-years Congress of the World Meteorological Organization, as the "Permanent Representative" of Hong Kong, China. We hold a seat in this organization, separate from China mainland.

It was a long time away from home and I thought that I could not possibly eat in restaurants everyday. So I decided to cook myself. I was a boy scout many years ago. It was like re-living my scout days.

To show what I could do to please my own appetite, here come a couple of photographs showing my productions for breakfast and dinner. I am quite pleased with the output. How about you?

Breakfast could be truly complicated

Dinner looked relatively simpler - I like the combination of
colours myself

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