Wednesday, October 17, 2007

B71 #60: Proposed Hiking on 4 November, Dragon's Back

It is proposed that the hiking to Dragon's Back of Shek O Country Park to be rescheduled to 4 November 2007. It so happens Edward Sin's secondary school friends will be having a similar activity on the same date and to the same destination. It is proposed to join the two groups for this function.

The following is Edward's secondary school circular:

spb66 #36: Hiking on Nov. 4 2007
Message from Ip Ka Lam:

The spb66 hiking group resumes its activity on Sunday, Nov 4.

The first hiking route is the Dragon's Back, Shek O.

One can choose to join in at any of the following assembly points :-

# 1. Assemble at 12:45 pm at Shaukeiwan No 9 Bus station.
# 2. First half-hike (starts at 1:30 pm walk from To Tei Wan to Mount Collinson).
# 3. Second half-hike (starts at 3:30 pm walk from Mount Collinson to Big Wave Bay).
# 4. Dinner at Shek O (starts at 6:30 pm).

The route is suitable for everybody. Spouse and children are welcome.Those who do not like to do any hiking may consider joining at #4. There is no excuse for not joining.

Ip Ka Lam

Robert Lam x2
Edward Sin
William Wu Dick Kin

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