Sunday, March 01, 2009

B71 #86: Linkage to BSc 67 graduates

Reply from Chee Cheong CHOI

Dear Mr Sin

Thank you for your msg. Pleased to know that you are a long-time friend of Dominic Lee Tat-on, who is one of my best friends.

I am delighted to render my assistance requested. It is a role which any science alumnus would be pleased to take up. The 1967 cohort has been keeping in touch in recent years by email although we have not been able to track down all former classmates. I shall keep them posted.

I shall also get in touch with someone in the 1965, 1966 and 1968 cohorts. I am sure they will come up with a representative to set up the network if they have not already done so. I shall revert to you asap.

BTW, I intend to attend the gathering schedule for 20 March. I look forward to seeing you and other folks.

Best wishes.

Choi Chee-cheong

2009/2/28 Edward Sin

Dear Mr. Choi,

I know Dominic Lee Tak-On for more than 30 years as we both worked in the insurance field.

The HKU Science Faculty will be celebrating its 70th anniversary in 2009. It would like to take this opportunity to re-unite with all alumni.

I am a 1971 graduate, and am assigned the responsibility to contact senior alumni graduated before 1971. Your name is given to me by Dominic Lee, as you have actively served as class representative of 1967 graduates for a number of years.

The Science Faculty has a website for the 2009 celebration, at:

To facilitate liaison work, I have also created a supplementary website (with permission from the Science Faculty), at:

You are most welcome to call me at 9379-3240 so that I can provide any information you need.

Grateful to hear from you at your earliest convenience.

Edward Sin Wing Sang

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