Monday, December 11, 2006

B71 #12: Putting information on the Blog

Grace Lee suggests to compile an information sheet with contacts:

For those willing to participate, please fill in as follows (Notation:H=home;M=mobile;W=work;P=preferred contact)
* Edward Sin 852-9379-3240 (MP)
* Edward Sin 852-2875-7959 (H)
* Grace Ho +44-141-577-9071 (HP)
* Grace Ho +44-7890-114-774 (M)
* Patty Chan 973-535-9138 (P)
* Grace Leung 61-8-8278-8353 (P)
* Ho Yue Tim 852-2464-5228 (WP)
* Ho Yue Tim 852-2741-4824 (H)
* Chung Yip Wah 1-847-644-0200 (P)
* Chu Pui Hing 852-9497-1617 (MP)
* Philip Chow 852-2833-3011 (P)
* Ho Fook Hong 1-604-448-0768 (HP while in Vancouver)
* Ho Fook Hong 852-98-000-478 (M while in HK)
* Wu Dick Kin 852-2338-3783 (HP)
* Tom Chung 852-9093-9045 (MP)
* Frederick Tsang 852-2579-9222 (WP)
* Frederick Tsang 852-9408-8203 (M)
* Lam Hung Piu 852-9474-2848 (P)
* Wu Kam Chu 1-519-673-3022 (HP)
* Lily Yeung Lam 1-514-989-7939 (HP)
* Susie Chan 1-416-592-1980 (WP)
* Susie Chan 1-905-326-9001 (H)
* Sze Pui Lan, Byron 852-9750-7408 (M)


Grace Ho said...

Grace Ho +44-141-5779071(HP)
+44 7890 114 774 (M)

Grace Ho said...

Why don't we put all the information in at the same time? e.g.
1. one's own name
2. spouse/partner's name
3. address
4. email address
5. tel. no.
6. work
7. children's gender with age put in brackets.

From a member's point of view, I think that it is quicker to do all in one attempt, instead of typing one bit of information in and then wait a few days for another invitation to enter the next piece of information. It will take weeks to enter the seven items in.
However, for the person who is going to gather the information, is collecting the information item by item more easily to handle?

Grace Ho said...


Thank you for taking time to explain things in detail to me. The society is so much more complicated these days compared to 1993/94 and people can do so much with technology for good purpose or otherwise. It's great to have someone knowledgeable in the field to ensure that things are done properly for our blog.

Your help and contribution are much appreciated.


Patty Chan said...

Patty Chan

Grace Leung Tao said...
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Grace Leung Tao said...

Grace Leung Tao
61-8-82788353 (H)

ywchung said...

Yip-Wah Chung 1-847-644-0200 (M)

Chu Pui Hing said...

Chu Pui Hing 852-94971617 (M)

Anonymous said...

chung wing hin, tom 852-9093-9045 (m)

ftsang said...

Frederick Tsang
852-9468-8203 (M)

Anonymous said...

Lily Yeung Lam 1-514-989-7939 (HP)

Robert Lam said...

Lam Hung Piu, Robert 852-94742848

Anonymous said...

Wu Kam Chu 1-519-673-3022 (H)

Sze said...

Sze Pui Lan Byron 852-97507408