Thursday, December 14, 2006

B71 #17: David Yau urges to privatize

HKU BSc1971: "Edward Sin said:
Attention to all. Please respond to #12. Thanks"

David Yau said: Ah eSin, shall we not first privatize our blog before posting our contact numbers?

Edward Sin said: Let me try to privatize it now, and let's experience with it.


Edward Sin said...

We have now privatized the Blog.

From now on, only subscribers can post comments.

Let's experience what complication may arise.

Grace Ho said...

I found that William's email address is not on the circulation list. Could some expert please help add it in?

This will save me forwarding the class emails to him in future or repeating the news verbally to him.

This time he tried to get into the blog via my email to enrol. There was a message saying that he could only enrol if his email address is on the list. Because his email is not on the list, we got the message that William Ho is not a team member of this blog. Grace