Sunday, February 18, 2007

B71 #32: Greetings from NJ (message from Patty Chan)

Thanks to Grace and William for taking the time to see us at NJ.
Above was taken on Chinese New Year's Eve at Silver Pond Restaurant.
Wishing you all A Happy, Healthy & Prosperous New Year.

Patty & YK


Yuet Ming said...

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Wu Kam Chu said...

Happy Chinese New Year to you all.

Thanks for the photo. Time sure passes fast. Looking at the photo, I can recognize William without any hint, say running across each other in the street. For Grace, I can recognize her when I know that she is in the picture. For Patty and YK. I will not be able to recognize them in a photo of many people.
Well, hopefully we can have the chance to meet other again, I am in London, Ontario, still working but now seems to have more lesisure time. My wife and me have been talking taking a long driving trip in US (mostly in Mid-west) to visit some of our friends and classmates when I retire or take an early retirement.

Patty Chan said...

Yeah, time flies! 30+ years can make a lot of changes.
I too could not recognize myself when I first looked at Lily's "Those were the Days" photo!!

Grace Leung Tao said...

I agree too. I can't recognize the stranger staring at me in the mirror, so I haven't dared to send anybody any photos for as far as I can remember!!!

edsin said...

Don't worry, our brains work better than the most powerful computer on earth. Believe it or not, we shall recognize each other the moment we meet.

For our overseas members, make sure you spare some time to meet with us whenever you come to HK.

edsin said...
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