Sunday, February 04, 2007

B71 #28: Mastering computer technique

In the absence of any U-mates proposing activities for February, we shall focus attention to organize our dinner function on March 30, 2007 (refer #13 archived in December 2006).

At this age of technological advancement, we can't do as much without a computer.

Elaborating a bit, we can improve Health and Wealth with our computer (more than what the famous Stephen Hawking is doing):

a) Physical health - fit to go around on computer platform

b) Mental health - fit to think and reason on computer platform

c) Spiritual health - fit to do something meaningful on computer platform

d) Physical wealth - possess all necessary computer hardware and software and keep upgrading

e) Mental wealth - possess all necessary knowledge to operate computer and keep upgrading

f) Spiritual wealth - possess all necessary linkage to share with friends and keep upgrading

So, for our meeting on March 30, let us find a place where we can share knowledge on the know-how of computer, at least to make sure that everyone is comfortable with the Blog.

For your information, the Blog management system has been updated. It has new feature to enable the Blog to restrict access to invited parties only. For security reasons, I shall instal the feature soon.

For those who have enrolled before, please sign on to the Blog system again to show your presence. Lily Yeung, Edward Sin and Henry Leung (and not the 21 other U-mates) are among the first batch to appear on the Contribution list because Lily and Edward are using Gmail accounts favoured by the Blog management system, and Henry Leung enrolled recently under the new Blog management system.

We shall further discuss this during our dinner gathering. To help to find an ideal place to organize our dinner function, we shall be grateful if you will kindly make suggestion.


Henry Leung said...

As I have just returned to NZ, I could not join the 30 March meeting.
Wish you all have a nice time.

何仲 said...

I mistook that the appointment is for a lunch on 23rd March. I have thus arranged to come in on 22nd and leave in the afternnon of the 30th March. I will not be able to attend the function.

In response to certain unpleasant stimuli I wrote recently a poem which I think has a low pH value.
May I nevertheless copy it here to show my regret for the absence.


今宵酒醒 香江

哮聲不聞 一片祥和景象
那邊廂 廟堂正演六國大封相

鄉原老師舌燦蓮花 卻是模棱三兩
雞鴨偷情 秘聞錄像 滿城擾攘

時尚上網 落水狗苦況廣邀友朋欣賞

無盡的金錢地位 虔拜偶像
早斷了奶 還是有奶便是娘

幸好 壺中日月長

(P.S. I am unable to control the spacing. That is one of the reasons why I dislike gmail)

Byron Sze said...

If the chinese can invent window independent of microsoft products and compatible with their products, chinese can make big fortunes out of that. Microsoft will have to go bankrupt or lower their price for software instead of making big fortunes now.