Wednesday, November 26, 2008

B71 #80: Reunion trip to HKU

BSc 71
Reunion Activities on 2008.11.07 - visit to HKU and Reunion Dinner at the Graduate House

Report from Grace Ho:
I have enjoyed a great afternoon visiting various Science Departments in HKU and a good dinner at the Graduate House on November 7, 2008. The visits to the Eliot Hall and the Lily Pond have brought back a lot of sweet memories.

It was wonderful to meet over twenty classmates, some of them I have not met for decades, such as Cheung Foon Hung, as well as Wu Kam Chu who has returned from Canada and Leung Wing Hong from New Zealand for the special occasion.

For those who could not manage to join the reunion activities, I hope the photos allow you to have a taste of the happy atmosphere that we have shared.


Photo 1: The Eliot Hall

Photo 2: Briefing by Prof. A. Cheung

Photo 3: BSc 71 Reunion HKU visit participants

Photo 4: The Telescope

Photo 5: On the way to Eliot hall

Photo 6: Inside Eliot Hall 1

Photo 7: Inside Eliot Hall 2

Photo 8: Outside Eliot Hall

Photo 9: What's left of the Lily Pond

Photo 10: By the Lily Pond

Photo 11 Girls by Dr Sun Yat-sen's Statue

Photo 12 Inside the Greenhouse

Photo 13: Talk in the Geological Museum

Photo 14: Visiting the Geological Museum

Photo 15: Reunion Dinner in Graduate House 1

Photo 16: Reunion Dinner in Graduate House 2

Photo 17: Reunion Dinner in Graduate House 3

Photo 18: Group photo in Graduate House

Names of classmates in Group Photo in Graduate House

From left to right:

Back row: Gilbert Wong, Anthony Wu, Kevin Ko, Leung Sze Chung, Lam Chiu Ying, David Yau, Wu Kam Chu, David Yam, Cheung Foon Hung, Philip Chow, Henry Leung, Raymond Choi, Wu Dick Kin, Leung Wing Kwong, Lam Hung Biu

Front Row: Edward Sin, Tse Tsun Him, Clara Chan, Grace Lee, So Man Wan, Lo Mun Ling, So Ting Kwong.

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