Monday, November 24, 2008

B71 #79: Reunion trip to Chiangmai

BSc71 Reunion Trip to Chiangmai in Thailand November 8-12, 2008

Report from Grace Ho:

Ten of us, under the leadership of Lam Chiu Ying made a trip to Chiang Mai 8-12/11/2008. We went bird-watching, star-gazing, sightseeing and hiking. We visited the Royal Project Botanical Gardens and sampled food cooked with vegetables grown and chicken or pork from pigs raised by the Royal Project. We visited villages with ethnic people and enjoyed a very interesting elephant show at the Maesa Elephant Camp.

Weather was excellent and the sceneries very beautiful. It was a fantastic trip with excellent company. I would like to thank Chiu Ying and Man Wan for their superb organization and help to make the trip such a great success!


Photo 1: Dinner in Chiangmai

Photo 2: Doi Pui

Photo 3: Doi Pui Summit

Photo 4: Lunch in Village

Photo 5: Royal Project Greenhouse 1

Photo 6: Royal Project Greenhouse 2

Photo 7: Royal Project Garden

Photo 8: Shopping in market

Photo 9: Chiu Ying Having Fun

Photo 10: Raymond getting ready

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