Monday, January 22, 2007

B71 #27: Random news

Just like Yuet Ming, I just want to post a message to make sure that Edward is not the only one doing the blogging.

My wife and I will be visiting Hong Kong and Indonesia between Feb 11 and 19, mainly to celebrate Chinese New Year with our relatives in these two places. This is something we haven't done for 30+ years.

On a pure self-promotion note, I just published a textbook entitled "Introduction to Materials Science and Engineering" (Publisher: CRC Press/Taylor and Francis Group). I worked on this for more than three years. My attempt is as much to educate as it is to entertain. My ties with Hong Kong are apparent from the first page, which shows a Boeing 747 landing at the old Kai Tak Airport.


Edward Sin said...

Some suggestions:
a) For your book, please bring some complimentary copies to share with us.
b) If you have time for lunch, please hold a briefing for us.

ywchung said...

The February visit is too short for that, but I will be back again in June. I would love to have lunch with you all then.